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AU || Roommates || @the-uchiha-sasuke-rp


*Sasuke,was now felling his own boner pressed tightly against his pants,as a felling over took him he blushed madly and tried to hold back a moan hopeing Naruto didn’t hear it,he wanted Naruto and he wanted him badly he had never felt like this in his entire life,even more so as he saw the huge  boner that Naruto had,his heart was racing like crazy as he gulped and blushed even more then before,then he saw that Naruto had seen him staring  down at his crotch and he saw that smirk on his face,his eyes widened as he at once looked up and away from the blonde he was extremely turned on and hard for Naruto now,Sasuke gulped as he took notice of where they were going,walking quickly to the backyard,before he could blink he found himself up against a wall,he gasped at the sudden desperate kisses and touches he was getting all over him,his entire body violently shivered as he panted heavily as he studdered out as his eyes tightly closed and he found himself unable to move* “N-NA-NARU-..” *He,let out a loud moan as his mouth opened he was
slightly scared of Naruto in that moment,but it felt so good to him as he panted heavily at the felling of Naruto’s lips and hands all over him,tears falling from  his eyes,but when Naruto stopped and started to back off,Sasuke’s eyes snapped open and he reached out and took a hold of Naruto’s wrist and said this to him,he blushed deeply it sounded like he was begging him not to leave as he put his hands on both sides of Naruto’s face and said in a pleading,loving ,wanting tone* “Please…don’t leave me…I-I-I’m sorry…I Just need you..Kiss me..touch me..in anyway you want,I-I’m yours..and yours alone..” *Sasuke,was shaking as Naruto whispered out his name and placed both hands above his,He tried to calm down as he continued to pant heavily,but his eyes widened he heard that growl and he slightly grinned as he bit down on his lower lip,felling his inner slut come out as Naruto placed both his hands on his chest and leaned him back against that wall,Sasuke’s hands started smooth over Naruto’s lower waist and hips,but he haulted and slightly gaped and moaned
 loudly as he felt Naruto’s knee go between his legs and moaned loudly as Naruto started his knee up against his erection* “O-Oh,Na-Naruto,Hnn..Mnn..” *Sasuke,had never been this turned on in his life as Naruto whispered this against his ear* “You can taste me…” *Sasuke,let out a loud unstable moan as Naruto licked his ear and moaned loudly*  “…you can taste anything you want… I’m all yours, Sasuke…” *As,Naruto whispered this to him and added
a bit more pressure to his knee and moved his mouth to his lips again and licked his lower lip,they both gasped at the same time Sasuke was starting to
suddendly fell slightly agressive as Naruto sucked hon his lower lip and as Naruto started to remove his shirt and place his hands on his chest and started
 sucking on his lower lip,Sasuke moaned loudly and felt Naruto moan against his lower lip,Sasuke suddnedly gripped onto Naruto’s pants and pulled him
into him,he had slightly been kneed in his crotch and groaned but it was worth it as Naruto’s body went into his and he said* “Hnn,Naruto….I want to be
 closer to you…I want more…”

"Okay…" Naruto breathed out, and his hands automatically started to get rid of their both’s shirts. "…That’s all I needed to hear," the blonde said in a teasing tone, his fingers tracing down the raven’s muscles and then stopping on his jean’s buttons. He rubbed his leg against his erection one last time, bitting on his neck as he felt how desperate and needy the boy’s big member was. He then quickly got rid off the annoying piece of clothes that were keeping him from his goal… and he took his time to stare and appreciate Sasuke’s erection, making sure to lick his lips before starting to stoke it and slowly getting on his knees. He looked up hungrily at Sasuke one last time before teasingly licking his waist and placing his hands on his ass… taking his time to squeeze it a bit and explore it. As much as he wanted to tease the raven for as much as he could… his own cock was starting to twitch in annoyance and in need for some attention and pleasure… and it wanted it now. Naruto moaned one last time against his waist and then took Sasuke inside him at once. His eyebrow drew together in pleasure and he moaned loudly around it as the sweet taste took over his mouth. He licked around the base before going back to the top and rubbed it with his thumb, the taste getting better and better everytime he licked the beautiful man’s member. The Uzumaki wrapped his wet, hot mouth around it again and started sucking on it faster and deeper everytime. Cerulean eyes looked up at dark ones as all of this happened—there was no way he was going to miss such expressions and such a beautiful view form the horny man above him. However, there was much more the blonde was planning to give him.

Naruto's Butler // @uzumakisninjaway


A very confused look took over the Uchiha’s features. A butler? For this male? Perhaps this was a lie? But no, it seemed like the other was so in depth with his explanation as to their lives together. “I have been your butler you say?” Still the confused look continued as he blinked several times, trying to comprehend this new found fact. “…I see, well I am sorry to have forgotten this very crucial part of my life with you, Naruto-senpai.” The elder gave a slight bow to the blonde. If he clearly was his master then it was only right that he would greet him with respect.

"Mhmm, Mhmm!" Naruto confirmed the other male’s obvious confusion with a nod "I was very hurt when I found out that you had forgotten about your master, but I guess I can forgive you ‘ttebayo," The blonde said while bouncing to the sides, cerulean eyes getting filled with sparkles when the elder male bowed to him and treated him with such respect. Perhaps he should be feeling bad for this, but Itachi wasn’t the most unsinful person out there, so it’s wasn’t like he didn’t deserve it - or at least that’s what the blonde saw as a valid argument - Besides, having someone to buy him ramen was going to become handy. Now… he only had to figure where was the Uchiha going to live—If he wanted a private butler, it only made sense to put him living with his master, right? "Oh and also, you live in my house ‘ttebayo—I mean, private butlers usually live with their masters… right?" He asked, pulling out the most innocent look he could manage.

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Trapped in the Bathroom


“A real friend” He said patting Naruto’s head. “Wonderful” He said. He stood up and stretched for a moment. “That’s nice. I like having a friend It’s good it’s better then being alone.” Then he looked down at Naruto. “I have classes with you. Next bell we’ll go to class. Anyone bothers you i can take care of it if you like” he said. “No one’s gonna bother my new friend” he said smiling softly. The smile wasn’t that soft and it was barely a smile. More like a smirk. “Cause a dobe like you couldn’t possibly defend him self”

Cerulean eyes sparkled as he looked up at his new friend—and had to stop himself from drooling at the view above him—feeling more and more excited about the whole thing, and the promises the other was keeping sure weren’t making the blonde calm down “Really? We’ll go to class together?” He asked with a huge, loving grin and got to his feet “You’re the best, Sas—HEY! It’s not like I can’t protect myself, ya know! They’re just… bigger and many many more…” He said, frowning at the thought “But I’ve hit pretty hard, for your information!—And besides, I don’t want my new friend to get involved into fights because of me” The blonde honestly said, offering him another loving smile and placing his both hands on the back of his head.

A new family Member?


Hinata stared at the hokage waiting for her to say something, her and naruto had done all the talking now it was tsunade’s decision on wether or not she was going to help them. The hyuuga glanced at naruto was was staring at her, the blush that was already on her cheeks reddened. ” N-Nani?” She felt him let go of her hand now placing his arm above her shoulders. When he told her that she had done well, she couldn’t help but smile. ” Thank you..” 

Turning her full attention back to tsunade she frowned. ” P-Please Tsunade-sama..” Watching as she stood on her feet she felt her heart skip a beat, tsunade had agreed to help them out but they still were going to have to get ’ the talk’. ” I-If thats the only way for you to help me then I willing to get the talk.”  Hinata’s face lightened as she turned to Naruto, smiling sweetly she gently grabbed his hand. ” Lets go?”  She followed the Hokage, placing her free hand on her belly as they walked. To tell the truth Hinata really did hope she had a baby inside of her, she wanted a family especially with the man she loved.

The talk isn’t that bad, ya know? Just Iruka yelling at us like the good old Academy days! I fell asleep when he gave me the talk for the firt time, eh. He wasn’t too happy ‘bout it ‘ttebayo” The blonde whispered to Hinata, as if trying to reassure her that she didn’t have to worry about anything. The talk sure was awkward, but nothing Naruto couldn’t handle. He got his attention back to Tsunade and to what she was saying, and smiled when she made sign for them to follow her, though he knew from the beggining that she wouldn’t be able to refuse their request.

Naruto felt a fuzzy, warm feeling coming from deep down his chet when Hinata offered him her hand. He then nodded and gave her a soft smile before gladly taking hers in his own hand, feeling like he didn’t need to say anything for the dark haired girl to understand exactly how he was feeling “Yes, let’s go” He agreed as they walked to Tsunade, and soon the three of them were making their way down the corridor. Naruto squeezed Hinata’s hand a little as some thoughts went through his mind. He had came up to the conclusion that he did want this baby… It wasn’t as bad as he had thought, and to be honest, he’s been happy ever since he found out there was the possibility of forming a family with Hinata. But… what if she wasn’t pregnant? What would happen to them? Were their… dating?

His thoughts were cut off when they entered a small room with one single bed in the middle, a desk, and medical stuff in there. Naruto spotted some odd machine and some girly magazines. Just like any other hospital room. He glanced at Hinata to verify how she was, when Tsunade closed the door behind them. “Alright, Hinata. This is just a simple test. Lift your shirt up a little - until we can see your belly - and then lie in that bed, okay? Naruto, just sit in that chair and let the women work” Tsunade said and pointed at the chair that was next to the bed, but the blonde glanced at Hinata one more time before moving.




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夜空: uzumakisninjaway: “Not an option ‘ttebayo!” Naruto happily said as if...


“Naruto,” Sasuke began, tone placid and in perfect contrast to his raging emotions. “I don’t want any girls following me around. If you keep doing stupid things to provoke me, I’ll seriously do something about it.” Sasuke berated, irritation seeping into his voice. He rubbed at the crease of his eyebrows. “Dobe,” he muttered under his breath. “What are you doing here, anyway? Go find Sakura, or train with Kakashi. And don’t you want to be Hokage? Go do that.”

"Awww, but Sasuuuuuke!" He whined  "Getting you into trouble is the only way you’ll kind of accept me in your house. Just the fact that you haven’t kicked me out or used chidori on me is a good sign, ne?" The blonde said with a huge, cocky grin, contrasting the other male’s mood. "Besides, being here also means free food ‘ttebayo" He said with sparkly eyes, knowing full well how good the other was at cooking—which Naruto totally refused to admit—. "Oh and Sakura said something about ‘getting a only-girls-night’ with Ino ‘ttebayo. I asked if I could join but I got punched" He said with a deep frown as if not understanding why did he get punched by the two girls—he thought he was being nice! "—And Kakashi-sensei said something about going to ‘work out’ with Captain Yamato. To sum it up, everyone’s busy having fun, so here I am ‘ttebayo!" He finished with another cocky grin, truly convinced that his argument was more than a valid one.

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My Own Personal Hell: ooc


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“I would rather not. Seeing as the world is filled with highly insulting faces such as your own has kept me within my own barrier, away from cretins such as yourself. I rather enjoy my solitary confinement.”

"That’s called being an anti-social, depressed bastard, ya know!—I’m not surprised, though. Killing your whole clan does that to people… right, Itachi? Too scared to go out, ‘ttebayo?"

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{warning will cause feels} The Crash||Open Rp


Sasuke was in a black space. He didn’t know where he was. He couldn’t see anything but he knew he had the ability to wake up. He was just having difficulty. Something had to pull him out of his sleep. it was difficult but he know he could get out of it. The he heard crying. He head someone crying. He didn’t know who it was though he kind of recognized the person. ‘Naruto’ he thought. His friend in his classes. He made a sound and his muscles contracted a little bit making him hurt.

He opened his eyes and looked at Naruto. He couldn’t speak though. His speech was a little bit impaired due to his head injury. His eyes softened at his tears. He didn’t like seeing him cry. He didn’t know how to get his attention. However seeing Naruto cry like that made his heart rate pick up a little bit so his heart monitor started to beat faster. That should get Naruto’s attention on him.

Naruto bit the inside of his cheeks to hold back the sobs that were desperately trying to make their way out the blonde’s lips, until he figured that it was useless to hold it back since there wasn’t anyone in there who could hear him crying like a baby. His best, only friend just had a goddamn car accident… and was going to lose his memory. He was going to forget who Naruto was. What if Sasuke didn’t like him the second time he’d meet him? What if Sasuke turned a different person? What if Sasuke didn’t care for Naruto anymore? The blonde roughly shook his head to send such thoughts away and buried his head deeper between his own arms.

The blonde’s mind deep down in his thoughts… when a beeping sound started getting faster than normal. His eyes flew open and the blonde threw his head back, gasping when he looked at the monitor… and then at the dark haired boy that was finally awake. He stared for a few seconds, before moving closer to the Uchiha “Sa… Sasuke?” He asked, a bit unsure, and then allowed a smile to form on his lips “Sasuke!” Naruto yelled out and was about to jump on the poor guy, but held himself back before he could touch him “Shit, I forgot!—You’re still too hurt. Can’t do anything that might hurt ya” The blonde comented, annoyance evident in his voice. He then quickly cleaned his face with his sleeves, praying to the heavens that Sasuke wouldn’t notice anything “How are you feeling?” He asked, in a lower voice this time.